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We are highly qualified in what we do as an organization with a vision to be number one, our customer satisfaction is our priority, and we guarantee 100% commitment and quality storage delivery, we are also in the acquisition, oil and gas storage and shipping of high technology, oil and gas tools / parts and heavy engineering. You can count on us to make this a hassle free experience for your tank storage inquiries. ​​Major hubs are terminals along major shipping routes, where many suppliers and customers are active and where efficient supply chain management processes are of utmost importance.

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Our Storage Services

TANKPORTBV provides safe and efficient storage for vital liquids, chemicals and oil products at strategic international storage shipping hubs. We stored fuel oil. Since then, our storage capacity grew from 1,300,000 m³ capacity.

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Storage Close Relationship

We keep a close relationship with our customers to make sure we meet their every need. From custom built solutions on-site to document processing.

Europe's Hub

TANKPORTBV believes that Rotterdam will remain the hub for North-western Europe. Our expanded site will handle a wide range of requiring storage in stainless steel tanks.

Adding Value

Storage, production, drumming, TANKPORTBV filling and warehousing. TANKPORTBV’s storage terminal and production sites.

Full Service Depots

TANKPORTBV’ global network of large storage tank storage depots and/or cleaning stations is strategically located in key markets worldwide.

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Management Guarantee Policy

"Top Management is a guarantor of policy implementation in the field of quality, health, safety and the environment and is committed to provide efficient implementation processes and the efficient functioning of the quality management system."

Qualified Experienced Team

"In an ever-changing world, our qualified and experienced team follows the trends and changing patterns in logistics. We work closely with our customers, aiding them to create the best possible commercial as well as operational solutions."

Shipping Transportation

“TANKPORTBV professionally organizes the ship transportation, transshipment and vessel booking. Other means of transportation includes pipeline and heavy vessels"

Unique service

“Companies who only occasionally deal with the bulk liquid storage market often lack specific know-how, experience and/or time to negotiate complicated and costly contracts. Unique service, providing global tank storage solutions. ”

Quality Management System

"We continuously maintain quality standards by adhering to principles of International standards, ISO 900-2001, strict quality control of products and involvement of workers in improvement of quality standards."

Customer Relationship Improvement

"We create a long-term sustainable relationship with out customers by increasing effectively customer's support, creating awareness for new products and services to customers."

Railway Overpasses

"TANKPORTBV has five railway overpasses that can receive 108 tanks with oil products. With larg tons oil products were delivered by railway. POT receives cargoes via the Oktyabrskaya railway through the Avtovo railway station (Code: 035601)."

Safety requirements

“Each tank is equipped with facilities according to industrial safety requirements and has a commercial accounting system that allows remote monitor the status of oil in the tanks (volume of product, of loading height, density, free volume, overflow sensor) all over various terminals.”

Terminal Services

"TANKPORTBV provide storage services in Rotterdam and Houston, Netherlands as a sublease to one of the biggest storage companies that has a multipurpose bunker fuel terminal in the Botlek area in the Port of Rotterdam. We offer multiple facilities at our quay and jetties."


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